Sitecore - Delete Multiple Items

Delete Multiple Items - A module for Content Authors to Delete Multiple Items.


Delete Multiple Items-0.1 (This is for all Sitecore versions):

Delete Multiple Items-0.2 (This is for Sitecore 8.2):

In this module you need to provide the Parent Item ID. It will fetch all the first level sub-items via Fast Query. You then can select the checkbox for the items which you want to delete and click Delete Selected Items button. It will delete the selected items, it’s sub-items and also remove the links.


Output Output Output Output

Thanks to Vikram for blogging the very good series of articles for SPEAK application. Thsi helped in gaining basic knowledge about Sitecore Speak application.

Thanks for reading this post and let me know if you face any issues. You can anytime download the repository and update the module or let me know if you want any updates/changes.

Happy Sitecoring! :)