Google Product Feed

1) What is Google Product Feed?
2) About Google Product Feed Module
3) How to Install
4) Configuration

5) Output
6) Challenges faced

What is Google Product Feed?

About Google Product Feed Module:

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How To Install

  1. Download the Zip file NP_Google Product Feed Module from Packages\V1\ or NP_Google Product Feed Module
  2. Extract the zip file. It Contains:

    i. NP_Google Product Feed - A Package which you need to install in your Sitecore solution.

    • This package contains:
      • Template:
        1. Google Product Feed Configuration
        2. Google Product Feed XML
      • Command and Scheduler:
        1. Google Product Feed Command
        2. Google Product Feed Scheduler
      • Sitecore Item
        1. Google Product Feed Configuration – This contains core configuration which you need to do before starting with feed creation.
        2. Google Product Feed XML – This will contain the feed information created for google to parse. A feed content will be stored. It is used to display xml feed.

    ii. GoogleProductFeed.config - For fetching configuration from Sitecore.

    • You have to modify the configuration if you are changing the path of Configuration and XML Item path in Sitecore.
    • Additionally you have to specify the Site name and rootItemPath in order to create a feed file. It is used to fetch the Site configuration for creating feed.

      iii. GoogleProductFeed.dll - Add this file in your project bin folder. This will restart your Sitecore Solution.


1) Sitecore Configurations

We'll start with Google Product Feed Configuration item.

Google Product Feed Configuration

You need to specify the Root Item Path - A Path from where Module should start search for the Products.

Template - Template ID of the Products for which module should search for.

Fields - You need to specify the field name which feed should use for the respected google product feed xml node based on the selected Template.

Google Product Feed Configurations

Here Title is the field which we have provided for Title, Description, gID, etc. You have to specify according to the requirement.

Product - Title

Note: Do not remove any value from Name-Value field. Just specify any other value which is not a field in selected template, if you do not want a field in xml node.

Google Product Feed Configuration

Add Currency - This checkbox you have to enable if you want to append Currency after the Price. For example: 15 USD – Google Product Feed require the currency value. So if your specified Product Template ID Field doesn’t contain currency than enable this checkbox and enter the Currency Value.

Description – Google Product Feed requires description of not more than 5000 characters. So if your description exceeds the limit, than it will be truncated to 5000 characters.

Scheduler – Specify the Site-Root Path – Site for which you want to generate feed.


2) Config Configurations

Config Configurations

Note: If you want to generate feed for Multi-Site than you have to specify Site Root Item path in Scheduler and with respect to that same in Config Configurations.

Multi-Site Scheduler Configuration

So Config Configurations for above displayed Scheduler will be- Multi-Site Config Configuration

That’s it – You can now start the Scheduler. I use Jobs.aspx for executing the Scheduler. Just copy these files in /Sitecore/admin/ and execute the scheduler.